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Hi Goat was formed early on in Vanilla and has been a strong and competitive guild throughout most expansions. With multiple server firsts and high world rankings we have built a nice community and gained a lot of experience. Not only when it comes to the mechanics of the game and raiding but also in terms of organisational skills, teamwork and management.

Hi Goat is a strong guild in terms of stability, consistency and fairness. We raided Legion more casually than previous expansions with an understanding that behind every character there is a human being. Although we expect the individual player to perform it all boils down to the team and how well it functions as a whole. All decisions are made with the guild’s interest first and as a player in Hi Goat you are seen as an individual but also as part of a team.

Hi Goat reformed during the first tier in Legion and we had to rebuild our community with old and new players. Our progress in Legion reflected that both in the lack of it but also in the success of what we did manage to accomplish. We have now built up a strong core of dedicated and skilled players going in to Battle for Azeroth that will never forget that in order to take down a titan, you have to work as a team!

A lot of guilds pop up and burn out fast. If you are a player that is trying to find a place where there is stability and drama is dealt with swiftly and where the leadership is not going to burn out or leave as soon as it gets tough, Hi Goat is the place for you.

The goal of the guild is to clear Mythic content while it is still relevant and get Cutting Edge. With effort comes reward and working together as a team is by far the most important thing. If you are a team oriented player that is searching for a stable long term guild, Hi Goat is the place for you!


Nationality: English speaking with International members

Loot System: Loot council

Raiding Style: Semi-Hardcore

Raiding Days: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday

Raiding Times: 19:45 - 23:30




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Antorus & Tomb of Sargeras Youtube

Nighthold Youtube

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What we are looking for:

We are looking for players that can take constructive criticism and always consider the guild above their own personal glory. We are looking for players that are dedicated, passionate and skilled. A player who shows a flare for competitive gaming that has the ability to learn and improvise as well as not being hand held will fit in well here.

We expect all raiders to put time into raiding outside of raids by being prepared; investing time to improve and research their class and role, optimising gear, talents, and play style for multiple scenarios.

Last but not least, actively participating in tactical discussions from your perspective and actively being part of the guild is encouraged.

If you think that you fit in we strongly urge you to apply!


Apply using the form below. Answer the questions as detailed as you can, this form will only be seen by officers in the guild.

Application form:

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